Gastric BypassGastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass

The two types of gastric bypass surgery are: Open gastric bypass and laparoscopic-assisted gastric bypass, both are performed under anesthesia

Gastric SleeveGastric Sleeve

Gastric Sleeve

Gastrectomy sleeve surgery is performed to help overtly obese patients to reduce weight. Gastrectomy sleeve surgery in Mexico costs up to 40% less

Duodenal SwitchDuodenal Switch

Duodenal Switch

Duodenal switch surgery may also be referred to as straight gastrectomy. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and fitness regime after duodenal switch surgery

Who is Dr. CastanedaWho is Dr. Castaneda

Who is Dr. Castaneda

Dr. Jose A. Castaneda is a leading certified bariatric surgeon with expertise in gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and duodenal switch.

Plastic SurgeryPlastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

NEW! We have incorporated plastic surgery services for our patients such as abdominoplasty, braquioplasty and liposuction.

Patient TestimonialsPatient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Photos before and after weight loss surgery and video interviews with some of our patients from the USA, Canada and Mexico.

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Prices Gastric Sleeve
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Patients in the USA, Canada and Mexico already recommend us to colleagues, family and friends. Doctor Castaneda performs surgery at one of the best private hospital in Guadalajara, one of the most beautiful cities in the country; Hospital Jardines.

Gastric Bypass Mexico

Dr Jose A. Castaneda is a leading bariatric surgeon in Mexico and medical director of GastricBypassMexico™, where he works alongside some of the most experienced weight loss surgeons in the country. This bariatric center in Mexico guarantees an excellent track record of successful bariatric surgeries already performed on thousands of international patients, and at very competitive prices. The cost of weight loss surgery in Mexico is one reason to consider this medical tourism destination, however that´s just one of many other good reasons. Bariatric patient testimonials are available and Dr Castaneda will take you through the entire process personally, from the start until you´re ready to go home after surgery. Specialists in all types of weight loss surgery: diabetes surgery, obesity surgery, duodenal switch surgery, metabolic and gastric bypass in Mexico.
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