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BMI Calculator – What is it?

A body mass index calculator, or BMI calculator, acts as a tool to measure the body fat of a person. BMI signifies the total percentage of body fat an individual has. BMI calculator requires two parameters to measure body mass index- height and weight. It’s a known fact that body fat changes with the change of gender and age. BMI calculator, therefore, becomes a good and effective tool to determine and keep track of body fat.

Since body fat depends upon age and gender, it’s been noted that at the same BMI, women tend to have higher percentage of body fat than men. When the body mass index increases, you have higher risks of getting several diseases like cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and diabetes.

It is advised that people who already suffer from obesity or who are simply a little bit overweight take extra steps to prevent additional fat and weight gain. They need to make sure they reduce gaining body weight to keep away from health related problems.

BMI Calculator – What it is NOT

BMI calculator, however, does not display whether an individual is suffering from blood pressure, or diabetes, or obesity. BMI calculator only measures the body fat percent of a person, and with that reading one can predict if he or she is likely to suffer from obesity related diseases.

Please note that being overweight is only one of the many different factors contributing to obesity related diseases. In addition to reducing weight and fat intake, one should always keep an eye on blood pressure, enjoy a healthy and balanced diet, control of blood sugar levels, and maintain regular physical activity, just to name a few. BMI calculator is no substitute to professional medical advice, always ask Dr Jose A. Castañeda and his qualified medical team for help and information.

BMI Calculator – What does each measurement mean?

BMI calculator generates different measurement depending upon the two factors: weight and height of an individual. For example, A BMI reading of 18.5 signifies that the individual is underweight. On the other hand, person with the reading of 18.5 and 24.9 (which is also a normal BMI reading) indicates normal and healthy weight. This is what you want to achieve to avoid being the victim of several common diseases we talked about earlier. Next, people having a BMI of 25 to 29.8 are overweight, and finally, people with BMI measurement of 30 and above are considered to be obese.
Did you see the pattern?

No matter what your BMI reading is, make sure you talk to Dr Castañeda to figure out whether you have any risk of suffering from any obesity related diseases.

BMI Body Mass Index – Take precaution early

Obesity is one of the major reasons why many people suffer from cardiovascular diseases. After the BMI calculator test, if the measurement is normal, then you may not need to worry about being overweight. But if the reading indicates that you’re either overweight or have obesity, then that’s the time to consult us as soon as possible to avoid health problems associated with obesity.

BMI – Best Way to Maintain!

Exercise daily. This is probably an excellent way to keep the BMI in check. In addition to daily exercise, a healthy diet is crucial. Stick to a balanced diet, and stay away from junk food. Include lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and fluids (water is the best). Use our BMI calculator now and keep track of your body mass index, in just a couple of seconds. If you´d like more information about gastric bypass or weight loss surgery available, get in touch today and speak with us at GastricBypassMexico.


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