Surgical Doctors’ Team

Expert Surgeons in their specialty field

Dra. Corina Alejandra González Jáuregui

Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Óscar Omar Orozco Alcalá

Bariatric Surgeon

Dra. Karla María Díaz Lumbreras


Dr. Felipe Ortiz Silva


Dra. Gabriela Guadalupe Grajales Díaz


Lic. Martha Elena Martínez Hernández

Surgical Nurse

Lic. Fabiola Viridiana González Cedillo

Surgical Nurse

Post-Surgical Doctors’ Team

We are side to side with the patients until they reach their goal

Dr. Pedro Omar Bautista Martínez

General Doctor

Lic. María Soledad Aldana Aguiñaga

Bariatric Psychologist

Lic. Ana Cecilia Pérez Ochoa

Bariatric Nutritionist

LCFYD. LN. Israel Avimelec González Sevilla

Physical Activator

Dr. Luís Montaño

Medical Surgeon


They will advise you during your process

Lic. Verónica Sahagún

First contact

Lic. Manuel Márquez

Patient Coordinator

Lic. Citlali Palos

Patient Coordinator

Lic. Montserrat Lucio

Patient Coordinator

Dr. Alberto Mejía

Patient Coordinator

Lic. Cynthia Abundis

Patient Coordinator

Dra. María Fernanda Escalante Acosta

Patient Coordinator


Responsible for ensuring that all elements of the company aim for a quality experience

Lic. Marisol Parra

Administrative assistant

Marketing and PR

We communicate responsible information about all Gastric Bypass Mexico services directly to you

Lic. Wendy Aceves

Marketing Team Coordinator

Lic. Myrna Aceves


Mtro. Ramón Águila

Community manager

Lic. Víctor Rivera

Community manager

Lic. Kathy Ruiz

Community manager

Lic.Gabriela Centeno

Public Relations

Lic. Penélope Silva

Public Relations

Mtro. Fernando Ocegueda

Web Development and IT