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Gastrectomy Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

Gastrectomy sleeve surgery is a bariatric procedure performed to help overtly obese patients to reduce weight and body mass index or BMI. There are various bariatric procedures that help in reducing body weight; however, gastrectomy sleeve surgery is recommended for patients who are ‘overtly’ obese. This procedure is beneficial for patients who have significant surgical risk with other procedures like gastric bypass surgery. Let us try to understand how gastrectomy sleeve surgery helps in reducing body weight.

Medical Conditions Which Require Gastrectomy Sleeve

The major medical conditions for which gastrectomy sleeve surgery is recommended are coronary artery disease, obstructive sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, and morbid obesity. Morbid obesity is the one of the primary reasons for which gastrectomy sleeve is performed.
Gastrectomy Sleeve


Gastrectomy sleeve surgery is performed under general anesthesia after taking patient’s written consent, and carried out by making small incisions around the umbilical area. Four to six small incisions are usually made and different surgical instruments are used to carry out this procedure. A laparoscope is inserted through one of the small incisions to view the stomach during surgery. The weight loss surgeon then uses a surgical instrument to make an excision on the stomach to dissect a large portion (around 75%) of the stomach for removal so the patient’s stomach size is reduced to one-fourth of its size. The larger portion of the stomach is removed and this results in a major curve. Open edges are attached to each other using staples. This results in a sleeve with banana shape.

The reduction of stomach size reduces food-intake capacity of the patient, you start to feel full after eating small amounts of food and it consequently helps the patient to reduce weight. Gastrectomy sleeve surgery also helps in reducing the risks of coronary artery disease and other medical conditions like obstructive sleep apnea and high blood pressure.
Gastrectomy sleeve surgery is irreversible. However, the success rate of this procedure in reducing body weight is very high. Most patients experience significant reduction in weight within a short period of time after undergoing surgery.

Benefits of Gastrectomy Sleeve

The benefits of gastrectomy sleeve include reduced body weight, normal blood pressure levels, reduced risk of coronary artery disease, and a healthy life with less risk for medical complications which result from obesity.

Risks and Issues

The risks for this procedure include staple line bleeding, blood clots, and injury to other abdominal organs. However, the risk is relatively less in patients and is rated around 2 in every 1000 patients.

Other minor issues with gastrectomy sleeve surgery include gastritis and esophageal reflux. In rare cases, it may lead to obstructive bowel syndrome and vitamin deficiencies. Vitamin deficiencies can be reduced by using multivitamin supplements post surgery. It also helps in speedy recovery. Gastric reflux issues are often treated using acid blockers.


Gastrectomy sleeve is performed on critically ill patients who suffer from morbid obesity. The dietary habits of the patients change after surgery. Patients are recommended to reduce intake of acid-enhancing foods to help in reducing risk of gastritis and reflux. We hope the information provided above helped you in understanding how gastrectomy sleeve surgery helps in reducing weight and improving health as a consequence. Contact GastricBypassMexico for more information.

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