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Gastric BandIf you want to lose a lot of weight and don’t want to diet for a long time then it may be worth looking at having gastric band surgery in Mexico, with bariatric surgeon Dr Jose A. Castañeda Cruz. Dr Castañeda has performed over 5000 bariatric procedures. And if you´re looking for competitive gastric band prices, Dr Castañeda will save you thousands of dollars compared with gastric band surgery costs back in the United States, Canada or UK.

The Procedure

Gastric banding means that a band will be put into your stomach that will restrict its capacity to take in a lot of food. It is a very popular way of losing weight and can be performed laparoscopically which basically means that the surgeon will make small incisions instead of a large one. Gastric band surgery helps to lose weight by restricting the upper part of your stomach so you feel full by eating a lot less, and though you will eat less you´ll lose weight but will not feel hungry. The gastric band can be adjustable so it allows your surgeon to change the tightness of it. It is reversible as well, so when you are done with the dieting, you just have it removed.

BMI – Body Mass Index

If you are looking for gastric band surgery, then you have to have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 35 or more, which basically means that you have to be at least 100lb overweight. However if you have a BMI that is over 45 then you may not be suitable for this procedure. You may also need to have health conditions that can be serious for you because of your weight, such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure to be considered for this surgery. If you decide to have gastric banding surgery then it may be wise to consider traveling to Mexico to have this procedure done. It will save you a lot of money if you go there rather than the USA, Canada or UK as it is so much more cost effective in Mexico. Use our BMI calculator here.

Gastric Band Cost in Mexico

Undergoing gastric band surgery in Mexico can save patients up to $10,000. We offer gastric band surgery in Guadalajara at affordable prices, and with that you get many of the costs included such as the hotel and the surgery, and you only have to pay for your airfare on top. Obesity is a growing concern in many countries around the World, obesity in USA is now a national health problem that authorities are keen to resolve by motivating people into healthier lifestyles.

There are over 1.5 billion adults who are overweight and over 500 million of them are obese! Obesity will increase your risk of getting conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease by over 70% and it also increases your chances of getting either colon cancer or breast cancer by around 42%. This type of surgery has led obese people to find an efficient and fast way of losing weight and that is why gastric band surgery in Mexico is so popular. It will help you to achieve better health and make you feel good about yourself and more in control of your life. So if you feel that gastric band could be for you then think about having this weight loss surgery done in Mexico with Dr Jose A. Castañeda.

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