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We offer solutions for obesity problems, and we’ll be by your side to reach your weight loss goal

Gastric Bypass Mexico Crew

Gastric Bypass México is a medical group located in the city of Guadalajara, experienced in the widespread of obesity and metabolic diseases surgical procedures. Our professional crew is integrated by certified Doctors and experts in Bariatric Surgery and Laparoscopy; as well as Nutritionists, Psychologists and Physical Activators. We can offer to our clients personalized and customized treatments due to our 15 years’ background.

We perform all bariatric procedures in private hospitals, using leading technology and following the highest safety and hygiene standards. Our surgical options are the gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, SADI-S and the so-called duodenal switch, considered one of the most effective surgeries for people suffering from morbid obesity with a BMI greater than 50 (as a rule).

But the treatment does not end with an operation, this is only the beginning to a complete recovery. Once the surgery has been com pleted, we follow up each patient with a nutrition program and physical activation, in addition to the important psychological support to achieve the weight loss goal.


  • Minimum invasion operation.
  • Recovery in a few days.
  • Interdisciplinary follow-up.
  • Private hospital.
  • Expert medical staff.


  • Lose weight safely.
  • Improve your life quality.
  • Recover a healthy lifestyle.
  • Control over diseases related to metabolic disorders, such as Hypertension and Diabetes type 2.

Mision statement

Provide quality medical-surgical professional services for overweight control, obesity and associated metabolic diseases, exceeding the expectations of our applicants, always distinguished by our commitment, a high sense of social and humanitarian responsibility.

Vision statement

Be the best option for the care of bariatric patients, promoting effectiveness in health’s prevention and maintenance, as well as the satisfaction of our patients, through offering full care services with our highly trained crew, recognized by their experience and humane treatment.

Transformed lives

+ 11,000 100% Complete
Def. Superiority or excellence. It is the commitment we feel to work with safety, effectiveness and efficiency in the practice of our integral medical care. We try at all means to meet our own demands and surpass them based on a culture of quality, following the standards established by the national and international accrediting and certifying units.
Def. Affection, kindness, cordiality. It is our way of being and of caring for our patients and their families, as well as our employees and collaborators. It’s what is known as a "humane treatment", we fulfill it based on sensitivity, compassion and understanding. We try at all means to meet and exceed the demands and needs of our patients and their families; grounded on the affinity we feel for what we do, this empathy characterizes us and differentiates us from our competition.
Def. Agreement, willingness. It is an oath made since our training in the medical area for dedicated care, with ethical content that drives our profession at the service of our patients. It complements and sustains the rest of the values that we have imposed in our organizational philosophy.
Def. Modesty, decency, rectitude. Our acts will always be impregnated with transparency, exercising what is considered ethical, following the principles of conscience, dignity and honor that all who trust in us deserve.
Def. Fulfillment of what the laws of fidelity and honor require. It is the commitment we have to our own moral principles, as well as for the knowledge acquired throughout our academic training and our own experience; we fully comply with the fundamentals of the institutions that formed us in our medical practice and in the care of bariatric patients, we convey them professionally to our patients, their families, our employees and collaborators.
: Def. Cultivation or use of certain disciplines for a specific purpose. It’s the special feature with which we perform our work. Our experience allows us to do it with expertise, enforcement, responsibility, honesty and efficiency, complying with the ethical and moral guidelines that bariatric patients and their families deserve.
Def. Recognition, consideration. All our actions are guaranteed by the courtesy of our attention. It is the recognition that our patients and its family deserve, it is about the utmost care that we have for everyone around us and everything we do. In the execution of our functions we don’t allow any type of religion, nationality, race, party or class considerations to interpose.
Def. Fulfillment of obligations, to be careful when doing something or taking a decision. It is the commitment we have to ourselves and our principles; for our patients’ and their families’ demands; and for the full compliance of the relationship with our employees and collaborators. It talks about the consideration we have when putting into practice our integral medical experience, as well as the way of corresponding to others.

We take on a humane and close orientation. Our daily approach is to recover your health together.