Gastric Bypass

Treatment for morbid obesity associated to Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Sleep Apnea and other comorbid disorders

Gastric Sleeve

Reduction of approximately 25% of the size of the stomach, with which 50-60% of the excess weight is lost

Duodenal Switch

This technique achieves up to a 70% of weight loss in the long term, improving all comorbidities


Technique that consists in a duodenal switch in which an anastomosis or intestinal union is performed

Nutritional Coaching

Staged nutritional control for bariatric patients to ensure proper nutrition and weight reduction

Physical Activation

In addition to the surgery and the nutritional plan, physical activation contributes to the recovery of an optimal state of health, which also helps with the recovery of muscle tone and elasticity in the skin

Medical Tourism

Our Coordinators will gladly help national and foreign patients with all the details of their trip when scheduling surgery